We specialize in on-site inspection of tooling, dies and parts, including leveling, alignments, in-process checks, repeatability studies, calibrations, layout, modeling and reverse engineering. Assignments take our crews throughout North America for build, installation and field service. Our crews work in unison with engineering, shop and plant personnel to effectively and efficiently accomplish assignments.


Our technicians come from diverse backgrounds including Automotive, Aerospace, Nuclear & Shipbuilding to name a few. This broad range of backgrounds affords us to place our crews on the assignments that are best suited to their backgrounds, resulting in more efficiency for your dollar. Along with their hands on technical experience comes a wide variety of Software experience, including but not limited to Spatial Analyzer, Polyworks, PC Dimis, Cam2 & Insight. At Exact Laser we pride ourselves with not only being able to supply the “best technicians” with the latest Software but also being able to offer Training in a variety of Software’s. Our training is Custom Built to suit your needs, can be completed at our facility or yours and in stages, thus allowing your technicians to apply what they learned as they learn it. REMEMBER MOST PEOPLE USE 10% OF THEIR SOFTWARE 90% OF THE TIME, SO WHY PAY FOR TRAINING ON APPLICATIONS YOU’RE NEVER GOING TO USE!!!!!!!